Outdoor Heating with Alstra Lighting

Author: Debbie Gauci  

The transition from sweaty summer nights to cooler autumn evenings is made much more enjoyable knowing that outdoor spaces can still be utilized throughout the year. Highlighting that these heat strips are not just for industrial settings but are tailored for residential and commercial use effectively expands their appeal.

The integration of smart technology is a standout feature, allowing users to control the temperature remotely using their smartphones. This level of control adds a modern touch and enhances the overall user experience. Additionally, the emphasis on energy efficiency is commendable, offering both cost savings and environmental benefits.

Radiant style heaters, particularly electric ones, are indeed more effective for outdoor or open indoor areas, as they provide direct warmth to people and objects without relying on heating the surrounding air. This targeted approach ensures that the warmth stays where it's needed, even in areas with constant air movement.

It's great to hear how outdoor heaters, particularly those using radiant heat, have enabled various entertainment venues like restaurants, pubs, and clubs to extend the use of their outdoor spaces throughout the year. Additionally, the versatility of these heaters extends to workplaces and homes, providing comfort heating for designated outdoor areas as well as spot heating in different indoor settings.

Our outdoor heating range at Alstra Lighting covers all budgets from entry level through to high end outdoor heating.

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