Heatscope Heaters

HEATSCOPE®. Creating. Pleasant. Heat. 

That is probably the best way to sum up what makes the infrared heaters from HEATSCOPE® so special.

Because let’s be honest: There are plenty of radiant heaters out there. But only a few combine design with performance. Just like the designers and design engineers at HEATSCOPE® have been doing from the very beginning and continue to do.

And of course, this is not completely selfless: After all, we want to be proud of our products, when we see them being used at any given place. And we are!

We are thrilled every time we discover a HEATSCOPE® VISIONSPOTPUREPURE+ or NEXT design radiant heater in an installation and see, how pleasantly relaxed the people are talking, celebrating, eating and having a good time underneath them.

For they “only” feel the heat from a HEATSCOPE® heater, you can barely see it.

To do so, light output was reduced to a minimum but at the same time, the thermal output was maintained. That is what makes every HEATSCOPE® something truly special.

But it’s hard to put into words – it needs to be felt! Just try it out for yourself! We are certain, that you too will quickly be convinced. And we have made another person happy with our beautiful heating solutions. This is what it’s about…

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