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Ceiling fans are not all alike and Hunter Pacific designs it's products to perform well in the majority of domestic and commercial environments. The amount of airflow produced by a ceiling fan will depend on where it is installed and the ability of the fan to draw air into it's sweep area will govern how much air can be moved. The use of extension down rods will ensure the fan can be located clear of pitched ceilings, clear of obstructions and at optimum height to get maximum benefits of the airflow.

Ceiling fans circulate air within a room and provide a cooling effect through the action of air moving over the skin. In winter ceiling fans redistribute warm air that gathers at the ceiling, pushing it down and through the room.
Remote controls are convenient and may be a suitable alternative when control wiring cannot be easily fitted. Remote controls come in two parts, a receiver module located in the fan and a hand piece. The receiver module is wired across the supply voltage and like all electronic devices is susceptible to damage from voltage spikes from storms or excessive voltage from uncoordinated power systems. Hence a wall switch must be fitted to allow the power to be turned off to prolong receiver life and to comply with Australian Standards.

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