Although to most people, a ceiling fan is a ceiling fan, when it comes time for you to make your choice the type and purpose of your ceiling fan can be worlds apart. A ceiling fan is not a one size fits all solution, certain ceiling fans can be a good or bad choice depending on their application. Some fans are designed to move huge amounts of air at a high RPM whereas others are designed to be quiet in operation to provide a breeze but not heard. Today, energy efficiency is a huge consideration to most household appliances, ceiling fans included.

In recent years, the humble ceiling fan has grown in its sophistication to become an integral part of the styling and comfort in our homes. Within each home comes different requirements for your ceiling fan – DC motor or AC motor? Diameter of the ceiling fan for the space? Do you need it to be a light source? Some of the key considerations for choosing your ceiling are:

  1. Where are you installing your fan? This will influence the recommended size of the fan, the types of performance to look for and the material the fan is made from.
  2. Should you choose an AC or DC ceiling fan? This will depend on things such as how you would prefer to control your ceiling fan, and functions you’d like included.
  3. Do you need your ceiling fan to include a light? We can help cover some of the common lighting terminology and options available.

If you need help with the answers to these questions give us a call and we are happy to help guide you.

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